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Wednesday, 5 October 2011



It was at an event called Stickaid which was raising money for the charity Unicef. It was basically a 24 hour live chat that has been going on for about the last 5 or 6 years now I think. It's all organised by a guy called Myles Dyer and he is...amazing. Not only does he organise the whole thing and keep it running BUT he stays up for the whole 24 hours! Wow!

The whole event was really amazing, and fun to be a part of. Everyone that worked on it was so funny, and friendly! We saw many famous faces including Liam Dryden, Tom Milsom, Alex Day and OF COURSE, Charlie McDonnell (duh?!).

It was pretty amazing meeting Charlie. It was his birthday on the day (1st October - we also got cake!) so I gave him a present (wrapped in Doctor Who paper which he found cool!) and a card. I got 3 photos with him, 2 hugs, and  managed to have 4-ish different conversations with him, which was pretty awesome and by the end of it I wasn't nervy at all, because he's just a normal human. He's just a very special, good looking, funny, witty, smart, entertaining normal human being! ;)

Also has anyone ever seen Charlie's video called Shocking Myself? He electrocutes himself with a game called Lightning Reaction Reloaded and it looks pretty painful. I can now confirm that it is, as when I was at Stickaid and it was Charlie's slot, I went up onto the stage along with a few other people and played a game. I cam second, so that means I got electrocuted. I actually said to Charlie on the live stream (if anyone saw it I was the one in the nerd shirt which co-incidentally Charlie said he liked - he should, he has one lol!) "on a scale of 1 - 10, how much does it hurt?" and he said "about 7....6 or 7..." and Myles said "You'll find out" Yeah, it does hurt. Owchie. Lol.

But yeah, Stickaid was brilliant, and I hope that one day, once I start making YouTube videos, that I may become popular enough that I may be invited to Stickaid to co-host, maybe. You never know....anways peace.....

Before you go, here's a picture of me and Charlie McDonnell hugging - I hope he doesn't mind me putting it on here...