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Saturday, 3 September 2011

My Last Blogsite, Reborn!

Well, not literally. Just clearing up a few things that were on my last blog that are "of note" or something.....

My obsessions are Doctor Who, Shake It Up, Wicked the Musical, Nerdfighting, Chameleon Circuit (the Doctor Who band) and CHARLIE MCDONNELL (charlieissocoollike on YouTube) CHARLIE MCDONNELL IS VERY NOTEABLE!!!!! Who else loves Charlie?????? :)
What else.....Bella Thorne from Shake It Up is following me on twitter and my friend and I met Charlie McDonnell along with the rest of Chameleon Circuit (minus Michael), here's a picture:

I was so hyper when this happened (by the way, I'm the one NEXT TO CHARLIE!!!!ARGHHHHHH!!!!

Thats it for now alright bye, xx

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