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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Late Blog

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a bit. Had stuff to do. Actually no I didn't, that's just a lame excuse to make it sound like I have a life when really I just forgot...a few things...

1) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO POST TODAY ....... RIP to all the victims of 9/11, as today is the anniversary, and I wish the families of those victims every strength in getting through this diffucult day, 10 years on...

2) I am currently listening to my 324th play through of Charlie McDonnell's 'A Song About Acne' on iTunes. I have had his album since 2nd June, my birthday ;) , this year!

3) Get yourselves ready for amazement because I might start making YouTube videos! Watch this space for links :)

4) CHARLIE MCDONNELL was in the Sunday Times today, yay! Go Charlie <3

^^ the most gorgeous guy in the universe ^^

I know those points were total opposites, but they're just things I was going to mention at some point anyway and the timing of my blogging just means that they're on the same blog!

Alrite, seeeeyaaaaa!!! :) xx

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