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Saturday, 3 September 2011


Oh hey, and welcome to my blog. I currently have 2 blogs including this one (the other is http://www.elliebubslovesthis.blogspot.com/ and it's full of fashion stuff --yeahyeah). I used to have a blog called Random Beef, but it was such a fail that one of my friends was my only follower -_- so yh.......

I'm hoping this will be a better blog! I'm planning on making YouTube videos too by the way so you may see me cropping up over all corners of the WorldyWideyWebbynet :)
If you're a Nerdfighter, then a) DFTBA! and b) find me on the website!
Follow my twitter if you'd like and the twittery stuff is how you roll.. @WellJelOfEl

Right that's it for now I hope you like my blog blahblahblah awkward ending bye.xx

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